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Fillmore Television Lift

The traditional Fillmore Television Lift cabinet system is a classic timeless design.  The cabinet shown  features a solid Cherry wood top with 2” radiused corners and large custom profiled molding that wraps the front and sides just under the top.  The base of the cabinet is wrapped on the front and sides with solid Cherry base molding; and a carved valance adds a classic detail to the front of the cabinet.  Applied decorative molding wraps the heads, which are removable for access to TV Lift wire management chain (should additional wires ever be desired).

The Fillmore cabinet features a user friendly top that easily slides open to create a serving platform at the foot of the bed and also allows access to storage within the cabinet for blankets and pillows. Knobs are decorative.  (scroll past photos for more details)




Within the cabinet, we build a matching TV-case to surround the top, bottom, back and sides of the television. This increases TV stability, enhances TV volume, improves the overall appearance (wires are hidden and there is an extended area of décor placement on top of the cabinet), and increases safety (decreases chance for fingers to get pinched or decorative items to fall inside the cabinet).

MFC lift systems are operated and controlled by a CC12 Xantech remote relay; and function by universal remote as well as an on-board activation switch.  The system includes 3 factory installed HDMI wires, an optical audio wire, a coaxial cable, an Ethernet wire, and a speaker wire.  All pre installed cords are fed through our Igus chain cord management system to help prevent those cords from being damaged over the years.  A power surge protector is also included to help protect installed components.


Approximate Dimensions: 51.75”W x 21”D x 35”H


A custom sized wood crate is built for shipping. The custom crate ensures the perfect fit for the cabinet and thus allows for the highest level of shipping protection.

Matukewicz Furniture Television Lifts can be customized with any wood type, finish color, and feature options such as swivel mechanisms, pull out articulating arms, storage options, and more. Available for TV sizes up to 90″. (modifications subject to price change)


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