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Dining Table of Walnut, Steel, and Granite

Dinner guests are sure to be impressed as they sit down to this one-of-a-kind grand scale luxury dining table made with Solid Black Walnut hard wood, Brushed stainless steel inlay, Blue Pearl granite corners, Brushed stainless steel 4 x 4 legs and a Brushed stainless steel 2 x 2 frame. With all 3sections together, the table measures a magnificent 22½ feet long by 4½ feet wide, and seats up to 24 people. To accommodate fewer guests, the table can be separated, allowing for 16 seats at a 2 piece formal dining table and 10 seats at a single kitchen table. The unique combination of materials, textures and patterns used in this design add a level of imagination and sophistication that is sure to entertain friends and family, dinner guests, and furniture connoisseurs of all kinds.

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