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Upgrade Features

Upgrade Features For When A TV Lift Just Isn’t Enough


A Closer Look At The Must Have Additions
If you’re looking to add a little more to your TV Lift than just the standard features, or you have a dream project that requires an extra bit of functionality, you’ll find below all the options to take your TV Lift to a higher level.


Rotate351° Swivel Movement
Not all TV viewing situations require 351° movement, but when it does, Matukewicz Furniture has engineered rotation perfection. Our swivel mount system features a safety stop and lift sensor to prevent any damage to the lift while giving you a one touch glide rotation experience. The 351° swivel mount is perfect for an outdoor TV Lift, a room dividing TV Lift, or even a TV Lift at the foot of your bed, giving you viewing options from just about anywhere.


DSC_0161BArticulating Arm
At Matukewicz Furniture we understand not all rooms are built the same, sometimes that fireplace is just in the wrong spot. That’s why we decided the Peerless SUA765PU was the best arm for our TV Lifts to give our clients the most viewing options. With one touch glide movement, safety sensors, and easy lock technology, we’ve engineered the safest and easiest to use articulating arm cabinet making Matukewicz Furniture the only place you will find articulating movement in a TV Lift cabinet.


Telescoping ActionDouble Height Extension
So we’ve covered the full range of horizontal motion with the 351° swivel and the articulating arm, but what about that extra vertical motion? Fear not, our engineers got you covered. When taking your style even higher we’ve engineered the most stable double height extender you will ever find giving you the ultimate viewing experience without sacrificing the safety of your TV.




Back2BackBack To Back, Side By Side
When more than one TV just ins’t enough, Matukewicz Furniture has the options for you. Our back to back option allow you to house within your cabinet two TVs, not one, but two. This option is great for individual who loves to host huge parties, or even great for a business giving all of your guests the best seat in the house. Our side by side option allows for multiple TVs to be lined side by side, giving your video conferencing experience that needed upgrade.


MatchingMatching Back
With the matching back option our team takes the style of the TV Lift you love and copies that same front design for the back giving you the freedom to place your TV Lift anywhere and still retain those beautiful cabinet details from any angle. This option is great for those looking to place a TV Lift at the foot of the bed, or if you’re looking to add a room divider, or even a great choice for a patio TV Lift giving you that ultimate outdoor living space.



FansCooling and Lighting
We wanted to offer our clients the best option to cool those high temp components and powerhouse gaming PCs. That’s why we partnered with the best in the industry, AC Infinity, to give you the highest quality cabinet fan on the market. Programmable digital thermostat control, whisper quite custom fan motors containing dual ball bearing rated at 67,000 hours, it doesn’t get any better than that. Oh and if you need a sensor driven in-cabinet LED lighting, we got you covered on that too.


ControlUpgradeUpgraded Control
Since our homes are smarter than ever, it only made since we offered that next level of control by giving you lift control from your smart phone or tablet device using the award winning URC MRX-8 smart home system. If your home has yet join the many other homes across America in the smart home revolution, we offer the next level in universal remote control technology with the URC MX-450, full of options, full of control.



ExtrasA Little Something Extra
A TV Lift cabinet can be more than just a beautiful work of craftsmanship that you can hide your TV away in when not using it, it can also hold many more functions than you would imagine. An electric fireplace can turn a space into a zone of pure relaxation when TV time is over, or a wine cooler can add extra functionality to your new room dividing TV Lift. We can even clean the air you breathe with a state of the art dry air filter system, the options here are nearly limitless.


Outside Weatherproof
So you’re outdoor living space is needing that one crucial piece to take your warm summer days to a higher level, a TV. A TV outside can be a risky move with all that nature threatening to damage your exposed electronics. If there was ever a better purpose for a TV Lift, this would be it. With the added security for your TV we also ensure your cabinet is weather treated so it to can make it through the tough outdoor conditions as well.



At Matukewicz Furniture our audio/video team knows the best TVs around, but they also know a great TV can be even greater with an epic sound system. That’s why we’ve partnered with the best in the industry, Sonosand Yamaha, to give you some epic sound options. If you already own a soundbar sound system, no worries because we can custom build a perfect spot into your TV Lift so you can get the best sound out of your new TV Lift.



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