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About Our Lifts

American TV Lift Systems are the best in the world.  We construct the ultra quite lift mechanism, surround it with high quality designer furniture and finish it to any color.  We install all required wiring, a remote repeater system, and even the television if desired.  American TV Lift Systems come with the longest warranty available (12 years).  We even offer customization and extra features like smart phone control, articulating arms, double height extensions, etc.


We also understand there are all kinds of projects out there that people are ready tackle, from DIY cabinets with TV Lifts, to monster 100″ TV Flip Down corporate installs that require a specific TV Lift mechanism to get the job done. Whatever your project requires we’ve got the solution for you, everything from a sleek state of the art telescoping mechanism, to the near completed cased mechanism that features the top rated American TV Lift ATL System mechanism.  Call today and we’ll find the right TV Lift to fit your needs.


We offer an optional full service package that includes the television, speakers/sound bars, sub woofers, receivers, components, etc.  With the full service package we purchase them for you and provide factory installation so that your system arrives as a fully loaded, connected and wired system.  Components are housed within the cabinet, and depending on the design they can rise with the television or not.  The full service package takes time and hassle off of you. Let us do it for you!


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