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Standard Features

Standard Features For A Not So Standard TV Cabinet


The Technology And Features We Offer Standard Issue
We invite you to further explore below the technology that comes standard in one of our award winning TV Lift cabinets, because understanding the level of excellence you’re getting is the first step in choosing a TV Lift by Matukewicz Furniture. We’ve taken the best the industry has to offer and improved upon it, and we’ve taken the worst and completely redesigned it, engineering the finest TV Lift cabinet you will find. Our engineers have spent years working with other industries to redesign a safer, quieter, faster, and longer lasting TV Lift giving you a quality product surpassed by none. So enjoy a peak into our world and see why our TV Lift cabinets elevate the the TV Lift industry to a higher level.


Feature01Fully Enclosed TV Case
At Matukewicz Furniture we take the safety and security of your TV seriously. Other TV Lift providers only offer open lift mechanisms that leave your TV Lift cabinet open to damage. Since we design and build our own cabinets, we can ensure all of our TV Lifts are built to last by building a matching case for the TV itself so that you never have to worry about a unnecessary wear and tear due to an inferior design.



Feature02Igus Cord Management
With so many cords moving frequently inside a TV Lift, you’re guaranteed to do some unwanted damage to your cords. Partnering with Igus was a no brainer for us since they have been a leader in the robotics cable management industry for years now. Matukewicz Furniture offers the same level of protection for your audio/video cables that can be found in many manufacturing robots across America, an attention to longevity you won’t find anywhere else.



Feature03Incognito Storage Solutions
A wise man one said “A hidden TV is only good if the components themselves are hidden as well.” Wisdom is not taken for granted here at Matukewicz Furniture and that’s why our design team drafts each and every cabinet to utilize every available empty space and turn it into a usable space without compromising the aesthetics of the design. Adjustable shelving hidden from sight while keeping your components safe and functional.



On Board Controls
Since batteries can run out of juice over time, or remotes can go missing, we decided it was best to include an on board hidden button to allow you to control the lift mechanism without the need for a remote. Not only can batteries run out of juice, but you can also lose connectivity to your smart home network, so a dedicated on board button is great to help troubleshoot connectivity issues. We really have thought of everything haven’t we.



ControlUniversal Control
With the flexibility of a Xantech repeater system, you’re able to connect just about ANY universal remote to our TV Lift entertainment system. We offer a basic universal remote with every TV Lift, but if you already have a universal remote, no problem, we can connect your TV Lift with just a simple code. This control system is more than enough to give you the control you need, but we offer even more options for the smart home connected guru in your home.



Cables2Cables, Cables, and More Cables
While we offer at not extra charge a complete audio/video system install of your components, we also understand the world’s full of DIY weekend warriors who want to connect their system themselves. So if you’re one of these warriors, we still want to make it easy for you by pre-loading our Igus Cord Management System with 3 (Latest Standard) HDMI cables, 1 Ethernet CAT-5 cable, 1 (Latest Standard) Coaxial Cable, 1 Digital Optical Cable, and a Surge Protector to power it all up. This cable package is not standard issue with the basic TV Lift Mechanism but can be added at an additional cost.


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