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Can’t Live With Em, Can’t Live Without Em
The story of Matukewicz Furniture is one forged in the fires of tradition and cast from the mold of necessity.  We started business over 17 years ago as humble furniture makers, we hand crafted the finest furniture giving equal attention to design and quality, always finding new ways to improve upon our craft.  It occurred to us one day when a satisfied client sent us pictures of their new TV cabinet that something needed to be done about that obtrusive television.  Enough was enough and the end of the televisions rule over the living room was coming to an end that was the day when the Matukewicz Furniture television lift was born.  We paired our design team with a team of engineers to create a product that married perfectly our handcrafted masterpieces with the functionality of a TV Lift system.  Now we stand before you as leaders of this industry, champions of interior design, conquer of the television.  No longer will your designed spaces be ruined by a giant black rectangular void, let art reclaim the walls once again.


Options And Design Choices Make It Easy For You
When we work with interior designers, we make sure the whole process is one thing you don’t have to stress about, because you have enough on your plate already. Even if your design incorporates artistic elements such as stained glass, mirrors, or even creative typography, that’s not a problem since we have the flexibility of a state of the art facility and local artist we use to help create functional works of art that will fit into any room your client can dream up. Our color choices are virtually limitless, if your client has their heart set on a very specific type of wood, we know exactly where to find it, and if a fireplace will tie the room together, we can even put one of those in your TV Lift cabinet for you. Just tell us what you want, and we’ll make it happen!




Finished And Ready For Assembly
Your new TV Lift cabinet now has the exact finish that matches the room, the same rustic details found throughout your designed space, and even your signature design element unique only to you. With your new TV Lift on site, now it’s time for you to piece it all together, but this is where it gets good, because at American TV we don’t just stop with the look of the cabinet, we work with you to build a complete entertainment system, TV, audio components, right down to the various control options. We want your Matukewicz Furniture experience to be the best, which means we deliver to your clients home a COMPLETED product, no assembly required! And with our white glove service, our team will arrive on site, unbox it from our custom made shipping crate, place it exactly where you want it, and ensure everything is working properly. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Simply… The… Best…
At Matukewicz Furniture we understand that your design, your vision, is what you and your client have spent, hours, maybe days collaborating to perfection. That’s why when you choose Matukewicz Furniture, you’re not just getting a cookie cutter designed TV cabinet that forces you to rethink your design choices, you’re getting a design team that works for you who shares the same passion for design. Your clients satisfaction is your number one concern, you’re the one to take their home or office to the level of elegance only you can give them, that’s why it’s important to us that you get that same level of quality from your TV Lift cabinet. We offer the best warranty (12 years), we offer the best business rebates to help you save money, and we offer the best TV Lift you will ever find.  Contact us today and find out just how Matukewicz Furniture can help elevate your style to the next level.


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