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Is TV Placement Ruining Your Project?


Giving You More Design Options One TV Lift At A Time

So your client wants you to design a new home that really doesn’t take TV placement into consideration, huge viewing windows and open floor plans are now becoming the source of your migraines. What you need is a TV Lift system by Matukewicz Furniture Company, boom, problem solved.  For over 17 years now, we’ve worked side by side with architects and the builders that bring their vision to life, solving the age old problem, where to put this big ugly TV…  With a TV Lift system you’re given the freedom of design since you no longer need to concern yourself with TV placement. The TV can now be placed in a cabinet that matches the room, in the ceiling no matter how large the TV, or even up from the floor. At this point who even needs non load bearing walls…


More Space For Your Office Space

Designing and building an office space can be a challenge with the limited space of today’s growing business world.  At Matukewicz Furniture Company we not only offer space saving solutions for the residential sector, but we’ve partnered with several businesses to help achieve a balance of both form and function when square footage is at its limits.  With teleconferencing now a major part of almost any business today, it’s a guarantee that your conference room is going to need an impressive videoconferencing AV system. With the Matukewicz Furniture Dual Monitor Videoconferencing Lift system, you don’t have to sacrifice space to accommodate a state of the art videoconferencing set up, and the best part, we securely deliver it to your office fully assembled, plug and play ready. Business is about thinking outside the box, and with Matukewicz Furniture Company your imagination is the limit, desks with monitor lifts for extra security, full size conference tables with TV Lifts, break room TV Lifts, we can even build all the furniture for your office space if you want to be efficient and consistent.


Options And Quality Unmatched

No matter what space your designing and building for a client that needs a TV Lift system, a new home, a home addition, an office space, or even an outside living space, when you choose to work with Matukewicz Furniture Company, you’re choosing the best in the industry.  We’re more than just a sales team that ships you an outsourced and outdated product with assembly instructions, we wouldn’t be able to call ourselves Matukewicz Furniture Company if we did that.  No, we work with you every step of the way to ensure you get exactly what your client needs and ensure you get a completed product that’s built to last and backed by a 12 year warranty that proves it’s quality of craftsmanship.  You won’t find another TV Lift that gives you the number of features and options like an Matukewicz Furniture system can, whatever your needs may be, our team is ready to build you the TV Lift system you need for your next big build.


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