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Outdoor Living On A Higher Level

When it comes to the best outdoor living situation for your TV, American TV Lift has you covered, or well your TV covered to be more accurate. Having a TV outside isn’t a new concept, in fact many family’s have made the extra space outside the ideal entertainment experience, however, keeping those electronics safe from the elements has always been a challenge. These days TV manufactures like Séura have taken weatherproofing to the next level, making the first step in converting your patio a simple step. The next step in converting your outdoor patio is finding the perfect spot for your new weatherproof TV, with this step you have a few things to consider…


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Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

So finding the perfect spot can be a challenge, but one thing you have to consider, is the security of your TV. While it’s a good idea to consider a camera security system if you’re looking to make your back patio a living space, that’s not always going to stop a potential thief. A big scary dog is also a good anti theft measure you can take, but not everyone is a dog person. So you’re taking a risk simply setting your new weatherproof TV on a TV stand or even mounting it to a wall, that leaves you with two options to remove all risk. Option 1, take your TV inside before you go to bed every night, or Option 2, put it in a TV Lift… We can all probably guess which option you’ll choose, 2, if the TV is simply hidden, a thief won’t even attempt to steal your outdoor TV. Even if they know you have a TV outside your home, they won’t have an easy time getting to your TV.


A TV Lift Built To Last

With an American TV Lift television lift system, you’re getting more than a DIY project of doom, you’re getting what you want without all the hassle of installing everything. Every TV Lift cabinet in our catalog, or any cabinet you can dream up, can be converted to survive almost anything mother nature can throw at it. To do this we change a few things around on the inside and the outside during the build phase to make your TV Lift as tough as nails.  Since we build our own TV Lift mechanism on site, we’re able to use stainless steel parts for even the tiniest of washers, a major advantage over other TV Lift providers. Even the tiniest of parts receive an electrogalvanized coating to ensure your TV Lift can resist corrosion at the micro level.


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The Beauty And The Beast

When form, function, and durability come together, you get a beast of a TV Lift that can take a beating and keep looking beautiful for years to come. All of our outdoor cabinet conversions start with using marine grade wood, that’s right, the same wood used to build boats, it only makes sense to use the same type of wood boat makers have been using for years. Next we weather treat them from the inside out by using the same finishes used on luxury yachts, this protects your TV Lift cabinet from harmful UV rays and humidity, just one more step in the line of defense to keep your cabinet looking new for years.


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