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Need A TV Installed, Not A Problem


Avoid the Hassle
Ok so you’re looking to add a new TV Lift to your home but there’s just one problem… you don’t have a TV for it, now that’s a big problem. What are your choices, buy a TV that fits your desired cabinet size, then attempt to install it yourself and hope you get it right. That sounds like more hassle than it needs to be, because unlike the other TV Lift guys, we can take all the shopping and extra install costs off your plate and install it all for you as part of your Matukewicz Furniture experience.



The Matukewicz Furniture Difference

We’ve worked with our clients and AV professionals for years now on selecting the best TVs, so we know the best models and the best brands out there, brands like Samsung, Sharp, and Sony. You can trust that when your TV Lift cabinet arrives, you not only have the finest handmade TV Lift cabinet around, you also have the best TV already installed, you’re ready to plug and play as soon as your TV Lift cabinet arrives.

If you already have a TV model that you have your heart set on, no worries, just contact us and we’ll order it direct from the manufacture saving you some time and money, we’ll just include the cost in your final invoice. We’ll have the TV shipped to us and get it safely installed in your new TV Lift cabinet. Finally we ship the whole package, fully assembled in our custom made for your cabinet shipping crate. Secure. Easy. Smart.


Already Own A TV

So you’re not in the market for a new TV, no problem, just ship us your current TV and our expert installation team will make sure your old TV is safe and secure in it’s new TV Lift cabinet at no extra charge. The best part about this is that our mind bending 12 year warranty covers any damage that happens to your TV if it happens to fall out the lift. 12 years, that’s how you know you’re in good hands, we stand by the quality of our products and the quality of our team here at Matukewicz Furniture.


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