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Frequently Asked Questions


Most Common Questions

Will my TV fit in your TV Lift, even if it’s a curved panel TV?


What is the difference between your TV Lifts and other TV Lifts online?


What determines the cost of your TV Lifts?


Are your TV Lift systems safe for my kids?


Can I accidentally damage my TV Lift?


Your TV Lifts are motorized, do you offer motorized swivels and articulating arms?


Will I have enough space for my TV Lift?


How fast is your lift mechanism?


How quiet is your lift mechanism?


How heavy are your TV Lifts and are they easily moved in case I want to rearrange my space?


If the TV goes out or I want a new one, can I change it?


Can I connect all of my components easily?


Do your cabinets anchor to the wall?


Do you have a showroom?


I saw a piece of furniture in a store, but it was too expensive. Can you build it for less money?


Are Matukewicz Furniture products made by hand or machines?


What types of materials do you work with?


What types of woods do you use?


Aren’t veneers lower quality?


Can I get wood samples?


What kind of finish do you use?


Can you match the color of my existing furniture?


What type of remote control is used for the TV Lifts?


What if my TV Lift stops working, what do I do?


Ordering Questions


How do I place an order?


How long does it take to complete an order?


Does Matukewicz Furniture offer a warranty or return policy?


What type of payments do you accept?


What if I’m interested in a custom piece that’s unlike anything on the website?


Can your cabinets be customized?


Can the cabinet be finished different than shown?


Shipping Questions


How will the furniture be delivered?



Will my shipped cabinet arrive damage free?


Do you ship to my country?


What do I do if my TV Lift never arrived?



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